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De La Salle High School



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General Requirements

De La Salle High School offers subjects that comply with the minimum requirements for admission to the University of California. We also offer a wide variety of electives that go beyond these minimum requirements. Five (5) semester credits may be earned for the equivalent of each semester course and ten (10) credits for a full-year course. The total minimum credits required for graduation are 240 semester units (60 units per year) within the following course of studies:

Subject Number of Years Total Credits
Religious Studies 4 40
English 4 40
Mathematics 3 30
Social Studies 3 30
Science 2.5 25
World Languages 2 20
Physical Education (HPER) 2 20
Fine Arts 1 10

Required Subjects: 215 Credits
Academic Electives: 25 Credits
Total Graduation Requirements: 240 Credits