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Summer Academic Programs

De La Salle Remediation Policy

1. Any course that is remediated through De La Salle, whether online, traditional, or hybrid programs, will be listed on a student’s transcript. This applies to any course and grade that is an improvement on the initial grade earned, as well as any grade earned that is lower than the initial grade.

2. Any course that students take outside of De La Salle, and done independently of De La Salle, will be recorded on the student’s transcript only when/if it is submitted to the Registrar for this purpose.

3. Upon signature of an enrollment form, students and parents are acknowledging that they have read this policy and understand it. This policy will be listed on all materials that advertise online and traditional or hybrid courses.


Hybrid Courses

Our hybrid courses are designed so that students have face-to-face interaction with a teacher while also being able to work on courses at their pace away from school. As a hybrid course, students will need to be self-disciplined and complete work on their own when required. All students must be present for class time. Students should plan their summer and week accordingly to complete coursework.

Online Courses in 2024

We also work with several online schools to help our students remediate grades when needed. It is important that students contact Mr. Marcus Schroeder for information on the appropriate online school that best suits their needs.