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Mr. Scott Hirsch teaching Mathematics


Our Mathematics Department strives to build a foundation of basic math skills, as well as nurture problem-solving abilities, stimulate a quest for mastery of challenging concepts, and inspire an appreciation for the inherent beauty of mathematics. We believe that a good understanding of math structure and its applications in our society is integral to a student's ability to thrive in our modern world. To this end, we offer a variety of courses that stimulate growth and encourage diverse pathways within the field. As technology emerges, we continually update our pedagogy and seek to engage our students in meaningful ways that reflect the ever-changing world around them.


Mathematics Courses


Mathematics Faculty

Mr. Tim Bedford '03
925-288-8100 ext. 7001

Mr. Matthew Boyle
925-288-8100 ext. 7045

Mr. Marcus Chin '07
925-288-8100 ext. 7029

Ms. Danielle Davisson
925-288-8100 ext. 7056

Ms. Lillian Dickson

Mr. Steve Guthrie
925-288-8100 ext. 7018

Mr. Scott Hirsch '82
925-288-8100 ext. 7020

Mrs. Roselle Macariola
925-288-8100 ext. 7035

Mrs. Melissa Marnell
925-288-8100 ext. 7005

Mr. Travis Pacos '11
925-288-8100 ext. 7019

Mr. Nick Pelosi '91
925-288-8100 ext. 7069

Dr. Ramona Serrano
925-288-8100 ext. 7055