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Mr. Alumbaugh teaching history

Social Studies

Our Social Studies Department actively encourages students to investigate and value all social, cultural, and economic backgrounds. Our teaching approach is centered on the belief that a comprehensive Social Studies program provides an appreciation of human culture, an understanding of the American tradition, and a framework for an analysis of the problems and decisions associated with humanity. We value the lessons of our life experiences, respect each other and our differing points of view, and appreciate those elements that contribute to the story we all live.


Social Studies Courses


Social Studies Faculty

Mr. Justin Alumbaugh '98
925-288-8100 ext. 8175

Mr. Michael Appel
925-288-8100 ext. 7003

Mr. Christian Curry '89
925-288-8100 ext. 7011

Mr. Kevin Fordon '00
925-288-8100 ext. 7047

Mrs. Kristin Lamble
925-288-8100 ext. 7052

Mrs. Annemarie Talmadge
925-288-8100 ext. 7006

Mr. Donald Van Bomel Jr.
925-288-8100 ext. 8160

Mr. Brian Wiersma
925-288-8100 ext. 8134