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Graduate student high fiving parent

Profile of a Graduate

We believe it is essential to continuously evaluate the changing world beyond high school and adapt the De La Salle learning experience accordingly. Our goal is to ensure that our students are uniquely equipped to meet the criteria of an ever-evolving college admissions process and be in a position to thrive in the workforce. As such, some of the areas where we place focus are communications literacy, sophisticated thinking, teamwork, self-directed learning, and personal and social responsibility.    


Graduation Outcomes

When a student graduates from De La Salle, it is expected that he will be a Man of Faith, Integrity, and Scholarship. These are the core values of our Integral Student Outcomes, or ISOs.

Graduation Requirements

De La Salle High School offers subjects that comply with the minimum requirements for admission to the University of California. We also offer a wide variety of electives that go beyond these minimum requirements. Five (5) semester credits may be earned for the equivalent of each semester course and ten (10) credits for a full year course. The total minimum credits required for graduation from De La Salle are 240-semester units (60 units per year) within the following course of studies:

Subject Number of Years Total Credits
Religious Studies 4 40
English 4 40
Mathematics 3 30
Social Studies 3 30
Science 2.5 25
World Languages 2 20
Physical Education (HPER) 2 20
Fine Arts 1 10

Required Subjects: 215 Credits
Academic Electives: 25 Credits
Total Graduation Requirements: 240 Credits