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De La Salle High School



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Students receiving support in the Learning Center

Student Support Services

Student support is near and dear to our school. Because we seek to educate the whole child, we believe in providing support that not only addresses the academic needs of our students but also their spiritual, emotional, and social needs as well. We do this knowing that each student is unique and that every relationship is built on trust. 

As such, significant and intentional effort has been made to provide a level and breadth of care that fully supports each student throughout their four years at De La Salle. 

We not only have three full-time academic support staff, two full-time college counselors, and four personal counselors, but we also have additional programs and facilities that have been designed to promote success. These include a dedicated Learning Center to facilitate learning outside the classroom, a robust tutorial program, a financial support program, and a freshman program, called Spartan Success, which is designed to strengthen Math, English, and Study Skills.

Combined, these services provide an all-encompassing level of support that is truly unusual for the high school experience. 

As you explore these pages, we hope you will gain more insight into our offering.