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Students posing with college advisory stickers

College Counseling

Our College Counselors are experienced, well-trained, and student-centered. They are actively committed to providing comprehensive information, guidance, and support for both students and families as they explore the college selection and admission process. However, their primary role is to help students find colleges that are a good “fit” for them as an individual. A college where the student will thrive both academically and socially; and where they will be challenged to grow in new ways that prepare them for success after college. 

With that in mind, our College Counselors stress the value of the college experience over name recognition and rankings. Students are encouraged to keep an open mind in the exploration process, by continually reflecting on what their own needs and preferences are, and by engaging actively in the process themselves. This includes investing time and energy into preparing academically, investigating options, visiting colleges, and completing the various steps in the application process.

Our robust and comprehensive college counseling program includes:

  • Annual Junior and Senior presentations (on the DLS campus) from college and university representatives from nearly 100 schools.

  • Information and guidance on the full range of post-high school options, including four-year colleges, community colleges, technical and vocational programs, gap year programs, and other possibilities.

  • Access to College Counselors by phone, email, and family meetings.


  • Required Weekly College Advisory Classes for All Seniors during 7th Period in the Fall
  • Individual College Counseling Meetings and Application Assistance

  • Out of State College Fair in August and Jesuit College Fair in September/October

  • College Rep Visits at CHS/DLS throughout the Fall

  • Senior Parent College Application Night in September

  • College Financial Aid & Scholarship Webinars, Partnership with College Money Method

  • Community College Advisory Classes and DVC Placement Assistance

Seniors at rally


  • College Rep Visits at CHS/DLS throughout the Fall
  • Out of State College Fair in August and Jesuit College Fair in September/October
  • All-Class Presentation on College Planning & PSAT Preparation and PSAT in October
  • All-Class January Presentation on Interpretation of PSAT Scores & SAT/ACT Planning 
  • Junior Parents College Information Night
  • College Advisory for Juniors Workshops: A week in February, March, and April on: Exploring College Options, Build Your College List, and Jump Start Your College Apps 
  • College Financial Aid & Scholarship Webinars, Partnership with College Money Method
  • College Preview Night for Juniors and Parents in April with Speakers from Various Colleges 
  • Individual Appointments as Requested


  • All-Class September Meeting on Making the Most out of High School & PreACT Preparation

  • PreACT Testing in October

  • All-Class January Meeting on Interpretation of PreACT Scores

  • College Advisory for Sophomores Workshop with Introduction to SCOIR

  • Spring Frosh/Soph College Night, Offered to Families Every Other Year

  • College Financial Aid & Scholarship Webinars, Partnership with College Money Method

  • Individual Appointments as Requested

Sophomores at 2023 Rally


We believe that the primary college preparation for freshmen is to successfully adjust to high school. This includes doing well academically and becoming involved in activities that interest them. For this reason, there is no college counseling programming directed solely at freshmen. However, freshman students are welcome to come by the College Center (2nd floor of the Student Services Building), and parents are welcome to call or email the college counselors if they have college planning questions.

Freshmen families are also welcome to take advantage of the following programs that are open to multiple grade levels at De La Salle:

  • Student-Athlete College Night (October—in conjunction with the Athletic Department)
  • Frosh-Soph College Night (offered in March every other year)
  • College Financial Aid & Scholarship Webinars, Partnership with College Money Method
Freshmen at rally

College Information Nights

  • September: College Application Night for Parents of Seniors
  • College Financial Aid Night (for all grade levels throughout the year)
  • October: Student-Athlete College Night (hosted in conjunction with the Athletic Department)
  • Late January/Early February: College Planning Night for Juniors
  • March (every other year): Frosh/Soph College Night
  • April: College Preview Night for Juniors

College Counseling Quick Links

College Bound: Class of 2023

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College Counseling Staff

Lopez-Arias_Esther Headshot
Mrs. Esther Lopez-Arias

Co-Director, College Counseling
(925) 288-8103

Sciacca_Lisa Headshot
Mrs. Lisa Sciacca

Co-Director, College Counseling
(925) 288-8128

Website Place Holder_4x5
Mrs. Cecilia Del Toro

Assistant Director College Counseling
(925) 288-8168