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Financial Assistance

At De La Salle, we are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the young men in our charge. As a Catholic school in the Lasallian tradition, we value quality education, respect for all persons, an inclusive community, and concern for those who are economically distressed. The school’s financial aid program is one way that we live our values. Financial aid is designed to bridge the gap between what a family can afford and the cost of tuition.

Financial Assistance

Financial Aid Applications for the 2020-21 school year are now available through FACTS

Online applications only.

Please remember that you must re-apply for financial aid each year.

CLICK here to Apply for Financial Aid 

***Financial Aid Applications for the 2020-21 school year are due February 10, 2020.***

Completed applications must include all necessary documentation (i.e. 2019 W2s, Form 1040 Federal Tax Return, etc).  If you have any questions please contact Angelica Rodriguez at rodrigueza@dlshs.org or Kathy Resch at reschk@dlshs.org.

Financial Assistance

In 2019-20, De La Salle awarded almost $3.7 million to 30% of our student body in the form of financial aid grants. All financial aid at De La Salle is need-based, and any family who feels that they cannot afford the full tuition is encouraged to apply.

**Financial aid for the 2019-2020 academic year is fully distributed**

More information about financial aid can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I apply for Financial Aid?

First, consider the total annual cost of a Lasallian education. The tuition for 2019‐2020 is $20,250, which includes the book rental fee of $350.

Then, calculate your ability to cover this cost. Consider all sources of income, adjust priorities and spending as able, and review assets available for use. If after this analysis you believe you cannot cover all the educational expenses, we encourage you to apply for financial aid.

Who Can Apply for Financial Aid?

Any student currently enrolled or new applicants for admission to De La Salle can apply for financial aid. Generally, aid will only be awarded to current students whose tuition account is current.

What is the most a family can qualify for?

Financial aid grants range from approximately 10% to 95%. While the School does have a generous amount of funds available for granting, there is a limit to the funds available and no guarantee that all demonstrated needs will be met.

How can two families with similar incomes have different grants?

Though income is usually the main factor in how much financial aid you will qualify for, each family’s application is evaluated on many criteria. For example, two families with the same income may receive different amounts of financial aid based on differences in family size, unusual expenses, assets owned, etc.

Do you give any academic or athletic scholarships?

No academic or athletic scholarships are given at De La Salle. All financial aid granted is based on demonstrated financial need.


What does financial aid cover?

Though financial aid awards cover tuition and book fees only, the school supports students receiving financial aid by covering non-tuition expenses whenever possible through the Brotherhood Fund. Financial aid for non-tuition expenses must be requested by the student or his family; it is not automatic. Inquiries should be made to the Business Office.

Is there a sibling discount?

There are no discounts offered for siblings, though families with multiple students at De La Salle are encouraged to apply for financial aid if they need it.

What If I have Children at Other Schools That Charge Tuition?

If you have children at other K‐12 Catholic schools that charge tuition, the cost of their education is considered as part of the School’s review of your situation. If you are applying for aid at De La Salle, we expect you to apply for assistance at all schools. In situations where one of the schools does not have a financial aid program, a note should be included with the application explaining that.

If parents are separated and filing separately, will both incomes be counted?

If a student has two households and both parents have a financial responsibility for the student's education, then the income of both parents is considered by the Financial Aid Committee. If separated or divorced, each financially responsible parent or guardian is required to complete a separate financial aid application.

What Allowances are Made if One Parent Cannot Be Located or Refuses to Complete the Application?

De La Salle understands that some family situations can be very difficult. In such cases, De La Salle High School may request a letter from a priest, school official, social worker or attorney confirming that the other biological parent cannot be located or refuses to participate in any aspect of their child’s life. The letter writer cannot be a relative of the applicant. The letter must state the following, as applicable:

  1. The whereabouts of the other biological parent is unknown.
  2. The other biological parent has provided no support and has had no contact with the family for at least two years.
  3. It is in the family’s best interest not to have further contact with the other biological parent.
  4. Any other extenuating circumstances that the individual believes the School should consider.

This letter should be submitted as a document upload with your FACTS online application.

Could a request for aid negatively affect the chances of a student being accepted for admission?

Applications for admission are evaluated separately from requests for financial aid. Admission decisions are made without consideration of financial need, with the exception being when the school's financial aid has been fully distributed.

Do we have to re-apply every year?

Awards are made for one year and are reassessed annually. If a student receives financial aid upon admission to De La Salle, the school will continue to fund the student through graduation, as long as need is demonstrated through the annual application. Similarly, if a family doesn’t apply for financial aid as a freshman, it is assumed that the family will not apply in the future unless their financial situation has changed significantly.

How do we complete the financial aid application? Where can I get Help with the Online Application Process?

The application is only available online. Click here to be redirected to our application page (through FACTS).

You may also complete the application at De La Salle during one of our workshops:

Saturday, January 25, 2020 from 9-11 a.m.
Wednesday, January 29, 2020 from 5:30-7 p.m.

Both workshops will be in the De La Salle Library.

What is the deadline to submit the financial aid application and supporting documentation?

The deadline for the 2020-21 school year for all students is February 10, 2020.

Important: It is unlikely that any financial aid will be available for late applicants; therefore, it is imperative that applications be submitted by February 10, 2020. Applications must be fully completed and submitted online by the deadline. If the submit button is not selected and the application fee to FACTS has not been paid, then the school will not receive the application.

These documents will be needed for all adults in the household: 2019 W2’s or paystubs, 2019 tax return, and form 4506T. All forms should be submitted directly to FACTS no later than February 10, 2020. Upon review of your application, additional documents may be requested.

What if my Taxes Aren't Completed Before the Application Deadline?

Copies of 2019 tax return and W-2's/1099's are to be submitted by February 10, 2020. If you cannot complete your taxes by this deadline, submit the rest of your financial aid application by February 10, 2020, along with your 2018 tax return and all 2019 W2’s/1099’s, and upload your 2019 taxes no later than April 10, 2020.

What is the Tuition for the 2019-20 School Year?

2019-20 Costs
Tuition $19,900
Book Rental Fee $350
Total $20,250*


A non-refundable registration fee of $750 is due in March for newly enrolled families and is applied to tuition. The remaining tuition is generally paid over 10 equal monthly installments beginning July 1 and ending after the April 1 payment. One payment and two payment schedules are also available.

Automatic payment is available and recommended for all payment schedules.

Tuition for 2020-21 will be announced in the Spring of 2020.

* Families who feel they may need help with the above costs should apply for financial aid here.

* The application for the 2020-21 school year will be available on December 1, 2019.

When will I be notified about my grant?

Families of new students will be notified via email of both their admission status and any financial aid grant on the same date: March 20, 2020.

Families of returning students will be notified of their financial aid grant when their tuition contracts are emailed on April 3, 2020.

What if we need more financial aid than was granted?

Families who feel they cannot afford to pay the remaining tuition after receiving their grant may appeal in writing. Please provide documentation supporting your appeal and highlight any circumstances that may not have been clear on your original application. The Financial Aid Committee may re-evaluate a family’s request one time.

If my family has an Unexpected financial emergency, can I apply for Financial Aid after the Deadline?

We understand that sometimes a family’s financial situation can change unexpectedly. While funds are more limited for these types of grants, we encourage you to apply if needed.

Can I still Apply for Financial Aid After the Deadline?

Yes. However, the bulk of financial aid funds are utilized in meeting the demonstrated needs of families applying by the filing deadline. Funds may become available for grants subsequent to the deadline. Thus, if you are truly in need, we encourage you to apply as we may still be able to help you.

Will my financial aid status and information remain confidential?

The School takes seriously its responsibility to maintain confidentiality over all financial aid information and records. It is recommended that you redact any social security numbers listed on your supporting documents and that you personally scan or mail your documents to FACTS. De La Salle must comply with any legal requests from courts or attorneys to provide documents. Parents are expected to keep their financial aid awards confidential and not discuss them with other families or teachers.