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Transfer to De La Salle

Students going through orientation

De La Salle High School accepts a small number of transfer students each year.

The number of available positions is determined at the end of the school year by the administration and is contingent on the current enrollment for each of these classes as well as the enrollment of the entire school. The Administration cannot predict or guarantee open positions for the upcoming school year. Transfer applicants are accepted as soon as space becomes available.

Students wishing to transfer to De La Salle for the 2020-21 school year, can CLICK HERE to apply.

Please contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions at admissions@dlshs.org or (925) 288-8102.

Additional Transfer Information

Required Materials

  • Complete online Transfer Application and send a photocopy of both the applicant's birth certificate and immunization record.
  • Application Fee is $100.
  • Transcripts: High school grades are required of all transfer applicants from 9th grade through the current year.
  • Parents must sign and submit the Parental Release Form to the applicant's current school.
  • Recommendations forms for applicant's English, Math, and Foreign Language teachers are due.

Athletics Eligibility

As part of the admissions process, a prospective transfer student to De La Salle should always consider his ability to be eligible for participation in interscholastic sports. While not every transferring student will desire to compete athletically at De La Salle, he should be aware of the rules that govern his eligibility/ineligibility once he enrolls in the school. The North Coast Section (NCS) of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) has a very detailed process for athletic eligibility that an applicant should review prior to making a formal decision about acceptance (http://www.cifncs.org/). Some additional information can be found in the Athletics Section of this De La Salle website.

Visit De La Salle

We encourage you to learn more about the many ways you can visit De La Salle. Visit this page for specific dates and opportunities.