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De La Salle and Carondelet Bands

Band CollageDLS/CHS Band Course Descriptions

The functions of a performing musical ensemble are to provide the opportunity for every student to improve and expand upon their individual musical skills, to function successfully as a member of an ensemble, and to apply these acquired skills in performance situations outside the rehearsal environment. Therefore, all performances are mandatory. The following is a brief description of each band course offered at De La Salle High School.

Concert Band / Marching Band

This musical ensemble focuses on preparation and performance of contemporary and traditional concert band and wind ensemble literature. Included in the curriculum are individual and ensemble performance techniques, sight-reading and music vocabulary, as well as aspects of music theory and history. Emphasis is on immediate practical application of skills. In the fall, parade and field show music and marching techniques will be explored. Performance is required at home football games, band reviews, parades, and school and community functions. As per the grading policy, members are required to attend all performances. This ensemble is considered the "core" of the De La Salle/Carondelet High School Band program.

Jazz Band

This course deals with improvisation, music theory and jazz performance skills. Performance styles explored will range from big band, swing and bebop to fusion and rock. The Jazz Band performs at concerts, festivals, and some all-campus events. Instrumentation is: 5 saxes, 4 trumpets 4 trombones, bass guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboard and drum set. As per the grading policy, members are required to attend all performances. Membership in this ensemble is by audition and instructor approval. Members of this ensemble must concurrently be enrolled in the De La Salle/Carondelet Concert Band (piano, guitar, and bass players maybe exempted at the discretion of the director)

Frequently Asked Questions - DLS/CHS Bands

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