Les Hommes De Foi

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Theatre Company

2022 Fall Production

R & J & Z Graphic

by Melody Bates

Fall 2022 Play Audition Information

Summary: R & J & Z (Romeo & Juliet & ZOMBIES) will haunt the stage from October 27 - Nov 5, 2022. The famous lovers navigate a world in which death is not necessarily the end. Equally inspired by Shakespeare and modern zombie films, R & J & Z pushes the boundaries of theatrical humor and horror. 


Company:  All the World's a Stage

     Ms. Meredith Barnidge 
     Director of Theatre Arts, VAPA Department Chair
     Phone Number: (925) 288-8143

     Mr. Kyle Nash
     Technical Theatre Director
     Phone Number: (925) 288-8100 ext. 7004

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