Les Hommes De Foi

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Spring 2021 Class Performance - 1984

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Winston Smith, living under the totalitarian rule of the Party, has the idea of writing a diary. It is a crime punishable by death and there is no way of knowing if he is being watched. He imagines two futures—in one, a future readership in a free society think of him as a hero; in the other he is caught, executed and forgotten. Perhaps both things are true.

So ask yourself, what are the real consequences of freedom in a trapped world? Is it worth it?

Performance Information
• Venue outside under the tent on the Quad
• Performance Dates: April 15,16,17, 22, 23, and 24 at 7:15 
• Box Office Will Open in April


Company:  All the World's a Stage

     Ms. Meredith Barnidge 
     Director of Theatre Arts
     Phone Number: (925) 288-8100 ext. 8143

     Mr. Thomas Wickboldt
     Technical Director
     Phone Number: (925) 288-8100 ext. 7004

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