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De La Salle Athlete of the Year

How does the selection process work?
All head Varsity coaches are able to select student athletes for recognition from their respective sport. Coaches then have the opportunity to nominate a student-athlete for the prestigious athlete of the year award. 

Who are the past winners?

Year Name Sport(s)
1969 Mark McKinnon Baseball
1970 Bernard Stenson All-American Swimming
1971 Mark Viera Basketball/Track
1973 James Herrin Soccer/Baseball
1974 Richard Kimball All-American Track
1975 Herbert North Soccer/Football
1976 Armando Jimenez Track
1977 Paul Burke Cross Country/Track
1978 Kevin Flaherty Football/Baseball
1979 Phil Figone Soccer
1980 Chris Prietto Track
1981 Chris Prietto Track
1981 Rob Lambert Football/Baseball
1982 Michael Gerard Basketball/Baseball
1983 Patrick Oswald Football All-American/Wrestling/Baseball
1984 Jason Clark Diving All-American
1984-85 Tom Joseph Football/Wrestling
1985 Rob Hinckley Football/Track
1985 Mark Panella Football/Baseball
1986 Antonio Vernon Football/Baseball
1986 Michael Vontoure Basketball/Baseball/Track
1987 Michael A. Gibson Football/Baseball
1988 Robert Forester Football/Wrestling
1989 Lou Donati Baseball
1990 Matt Clizbe Football/Track
1990 Chris McClaughry Basketball
1991 Kevin Walker Football/Baseball
1992 Amani Toomer Football/Basketball
1993 Patrick Walsh Football/Baseball
1994 Adam Carter Water Polo/Basketball
1995 Leon Callen Football/Track
1996 Rashad Floyd Football/Basketball/Track
1997 Tom Prindiville Cross Country/Track
1997 Greg Brown-Davis Football/Wrestling/Diving
1998 Mike Hurlbut Water Polo/Soccer/Swimming/Volleyball
1999 Atari Callen Football/Track
2000 D.J. Williams Football/Track
2001 Chad Taylor Water Polo/Soccer/Swimming
2002 Matt Gutierrez Football/Basketball
2003 Maurice Drew Football/Track
2004 Parker Hanks Football/Baseball
2005 Stefan Frei Soccer
2006 Lincoln Gunn Basketball
2007 Andrew Milcovich Water Polo/Swimming
2008 Travis Carrie Football/Track
2009 Chase Wheeler Track
2010 Kristian Ipsen Diving
2011 Dylan Wynn Football/Wrestling
2012 Michael Barton Football/Track
2013 Andrew Buckley Football/Baseball
2014 Blair Hurlock Cross Country/Track
2014 Marquis Morris Football/Track
2015 Nathan Cervantez Wrestling
2016 Devin Asiasi Football
2016 Jonathan Harvey Football/Track
2017 Jonathan Hackett Football/Wrestling/Rugby
2018 Peyton Omania Wrestling
2019 Henry To'oto'o Football
2019 Kyle Parco Wrestling