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Sports Medicine

In support of the school’s primary goals of spiritual, intellectual, and physical development of its students the mission of our Sports Medicine Department is to support the athlete as a whole spiritually, mentally, and physically. The health and welfare of our student-athletes is paramount in the department.

We strive to develop a program that effectively utilizes the talents of our staff and the resources of the program. A diversified program of prevention, evaluation, education, treatment, and rehabilitation assures a positive healthy recovery experience, an improved quality of life, a safe return to full athletic participation, and continued athletic success. In addition to injury management, student-athlete education is emphasized to instill lifelong healthy practices.

The information provided below is meant to be an initial guide to help our student-athletes as they face the challenges of high school and sports.

Athletic Training Staff

Kent Mercer, MS, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
Phone: (925) 288-8133

Douglas Bauman, MS, ATC, CES
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: (925) 288-8100 ext 7126

Team Physician

Charlie Preston, MD
Muir Orthopaedic Specialists
Phone: (925) 939-8585

Pre-Participation Exams

Prior to participation in athletics (including tryouts), all student-athletes must submit a completed pre-participation physical to the athletic training staff. The physical must be completed by a MEDICAL DOCTOR (M.D.) or DOCTOR of OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE (D.O.). In addition, it must be signed by the athlete’s parent or guardian acknowledging that the information provided is correct.

The physical is valid for one calendar year from the date signed by the doctor and does not need to be re-submitted for each sport being played. At the conclusion of one year, the physical needs to be completed again in order for the student-athlete to continue with athletic participation. Our athletic training staff recommends that the form be completed at the beginning of the school year to ensure that it does not expire during an active season. Freshmen who submit a physical prior to the start of the school year, as required by the school, DO NOT need to obtain another physical for athletic participation.

There are several key components that must be as complete as possible as part of the pre-participation examination. Outside of the physician’s examination, medical history is the most important piece of information on the pre-participation exam. This allows the physician and athletic training staff to know if you have any underlying condition that may make participating in athletics challenging or dangerous, such as an underlying cardiac condition, diabetes, or exercise-induced asthma. Based on this information, our athletic training staff can ensure that proper testing or management is in place to prevent serious injury or complications from arising. Musculoskeletal injury history should also be provided, in order for the athletic training staff to get an idea of past injuries that may require management or clearance prior to activity. In addition, a cardiac screen is strongly recommended as part of the pre-participation exam. Free cardiac screenings are provided at De La Salle yearly. Please contact the athletic department for the date and time.

Additional information (informed consent form, emergency information form, assumption of risks, etc.) must be completed prior to athletic participation, but this is done during the school online Information Updates & Agreements (IUA) process and does not need to be completed in paper form. Therefore, if you think your son might participate in a sport at De La Salle, please indicate so during the online process and you will be prompted to fill out the aforementioned forms.

Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form

Daily Hygiene

Injury Prevention