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Spartan student-athletes play at modern sports facilities and use the latest training techniques to maximize their potential.

The campus facilities include a newly installed synthetic turf playing field, ancillary grass practice fields, track, baseball diamond, pool and diving facilities, gymnasium, weight room, training room and recently upgraded locker room. With more than 600 student-athletes playing both intermural and intramural sports, our facilities serve as the places in which the bonds of Brotherhood are formed in competition.
(Photos by Bob Sansoe)


Owen Owens Field

Owen Owens field serves as the home venue for many of our teams. The lighted, synthetic surface with surrounding quarter mile track hosts football, soccer, lacrosse, rugby and track and field contests.



Koch Baseball Diamond

The baseball diamond has a natural grass infield and outfield with views of Mt. Diablo from the bleachers behind home plate. There are sunken dugouts for each team. Outfield dimensions are 335’ left field, 400’ center field and 285’ right field.



Tom and Norine Seeno Gymnasium

In 2007, the Tom and Norine Seeno Gymnasium was renovated and retrofitted to comply with the most stringent safety standards. With a seating capacity for 1,200 fans it is home to the basketball, volleyball and wrestling teams.



Brother Jerome West, FSC Swimming Pool

Our heated pool hosts the water polo team and features ten lanes for swim meets and has two 1-meter diving boards. A bust of De La Salle’s legendary swim coach Perry “PK” Kelly stands in the corner of the deck as testament to his coaching excellence.


Weight Room

The Spartan weight room is located next to the gymnasium and locker room. Student-athletes use the weight room as part of a comprehensive conditioning program.


Locker Room

The locker room was renovated and retrofitted along with the gymnasium and is the hub of Spartan athletics programs. It contains the Athletic Director’s office, a coach’s office, two team rooms with plasma screens for viewing game film, and a fully outfitted training room staffed by two full time certified trainers.


Other Venues

The JV and Varsity tennis teams practice at DVC. The Varsity team plays home matches at St. Mary's College in Moraga; the JV team plays home matches at DVC. The cross country team runs home meets at Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek. The varsity golf team plays home matches at Diablo Country Club in Diablo.