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Sportsmanship Code

Students and parents should set a good example in the matter of sportsmanship. Cheers should be of a positive nature and only directed towards our athletes. At no point should negative cheers be directed at an opponent, opposing coach, or an official.
Players and spectators should model their sportsmanship to a high standard. To this end they should:
1. Remember that a student/parent spectator represents the school in the same manner as does the participating athlete.
2. Appreciate an exhibition of fine play or good sportsmanship by any player or team.
3. Accept the decision of the officials.
4. Abusive remarks and language are unacceptable.
5. Be considerate of the injured player(s) on both teams.
6. Respect the opponent’s campus.
7. Never belittle an opponent.
8. Never direct abusive remarks at individual players or officials during a contest.
9. Never “boo” a penalty.
10. Noisemakers or musical instruments of any kind not associated with an organized and moderated pep band are prohibited at all games.
11. Any signs must be approved by the respective Athletic Directors (home or away contests), prior to being posted. Signs for home games may only be posted in designated areas. Signs to be used at away games must be approved by the home team’s Athletic Director. Any signs deemed to be offensive in nature will be removed by DLS staff.
12. Students are bound by all rules and regulations of other schools when our teams are competing at a site other than De La Salle.
13. All East Bay Athletic League school rules and regulations concerning competition and deportment are in effect for all games, (league and practice; home or away).
14. Students and fans are required to respect and follow the directives of any De La Salle faculty or staff member at games.
15. Visiting fans must sit in the designated Visitors bleachers.
16. Students or parents not respecting the sportsmanship code may be removed from the game.

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