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DLS Winter 2017-18 | EBAL All League Honors
Shannon Danser

Congratulations to the following student-athletes for their EBAL All League honors! 

Name Sport EBAL Team
Justin Pratt Basketball 1st Team
Thomas Gregorios Basketball 2nd Team
Cade Arbogast Basketball Honorable Mention
Luke Giusto Soccer 1st Team FWD - League MVP
James Person Soccer 1st Team MID
Jackson Walsh Soccer 1st Team DEF
Yianni Reynolds Soccer 2nd Team DEF
Dominic Armanino Soccer Honorable Mention MID
Chris Falco Soccer Honorable Mention FWD
Hugo Ramirez Soccer Honorable Mention DEF
AJ Tammen Soccer Honorable Mention MID
Mateo Sandez Wrestling 106 - 1st Place
Riley Hilt Wrestling 113 - 1st Place
Kyle Parco Wrestling 120 - 1st Place
Dwayne Guerrero Wrestling 126 - 1st Place
Logan Sumulong Wrestling 132 - 1st Place
Peyton Omania Wrestling 145 - 1st Place
Ankhaa Enkhmandakh Wrestling 160 - 1st Place
Christian Villasenor Wrestling 222 - 1st Place
Ben Roe Wrestling 285 - 1st Place
Zavion Fernandez Wrestling 106 - 2nd Place
Mario Franco Wrestling 152 - 2nd Place
Mitch Van Loon Wrestling 170 - 2nd Place
Lance Hackett Wrestling 182 - 2nd Place
Matthew Peterson Wrestling 195 - 3rd Place


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