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Founded in 2001 by De La Salle Hall of Fame Head Coach Robert O’Meara, the lacrosse program has been one of the premier lacrosse programs in Northern California for the last 20 years. Winning eight league titles and six NCS championships, the lacrosse team has had many great players and leaders emerge fromf the program. 

Rooted in themotto, “Principles, Not Plays,” the lacrosse program prides itself on concepts of play and learning how to read and react, as opposed to set plays on offense. The team works hard in the offseason to develop player skills, technique, and athleticism. Traditionally, there are two lacrosse teams (JV and Varsity) on campus and each team usually carries approximately 30 student-athletes.

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Varsity Coaching Staff

Head Coach
John Christmas

Assistant Coaches
Jack Barton
Alex Cole
Steve Flanagan
Jeremy Poirier
Liam Reaume
Gio Rico

JV Coaching Staff

Head Coach
James Sherrer

Assistant Coaches
Steve Flanagan