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Student-Athlete College Information Night

This event was be held via Zoom on 10/25/21 at 6:30 pm.

Visiting College Athletics Panel

  1. D1 - Erin McDermott - Athletic Director, Harvard University
  2. D2 - Brian Swanson - Athletic Director, Cal Poly Pomona
  3. D3 - Miriam Merrill - Athletic Director, Pomona-Pitzer
  4. NAIA - Lance Von Vogt - Athletic Director, William Jessup U.
  5. Junior College - Junior Domingo - Athletic Director, Citrus College

Panel Discussion to address the following topics:

  • The student athlete experience
  • The types of scholarships available for student athletes
  • The recruiting process for student athletes
  • What student athletes can do to best prepare for the recruiting process

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