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Cross Country - Varsity


Varsity Cross Country

Cross Country Coaching Staff

Head Coach
John Pelster

Assistant Coaches
Jennifer Ricketts
Anthony Roberts

Cross Country Team FAQs

When is the first day of practice?
The first day of practice is August 12. On that day we meet at 1 pm at the amphitheater between the 100 and 300 wings. We will have a team meeting before we do our workout that day.

What time does practice start and end?
Practice begins 15 minutes after the last class period ends every day. Practice will last from 1.5-2 hours each day.

Where does the team meet for practice?
The team meets in the small amphitheater between the 100 wing and the 300 wing, near the theater.

What do I need for practice?
Every day athletes will need a watch, running shoes, running shorts (soccer style shorts are okay, baggy basketball type shorts are not), and a running T-shirt. Later in the season, runners will need sweats.

When are the meets?
The first meet is a time trial Friday August 16 at Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek. All meets are mandatory. The cross country schedule is posted on the school’s website.

Who can answer other questions?
De La Salle Cross Country head coach: John Pelster (pelsterj@dlshs.org)