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Students wearing Spartan Bookstore merchandise

Spartan Bookstore

We are your official source for all things De La Salle. We sell De La Salle apparel and accessories for all sizes and ages, in a variety of colors and styles.

Browse our catalog and order online or in person. Purchases can be shipped anywhere in the world and are also available for pickup at our on-campus location. 

Fall Book Distribution

Freshman Book Distribution
Incoming freshmen will pick up books during their Mandatory Orientation on Monday, August 12.

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Book Distribution
Returning students will be able to pick up their books on Friday, August 9 and Monday, August 12. (There will be no book distribution at Orientation on August 13)

Each student must pick up his own books – Parents, siblings or friends are not permitted to pick up books for a student. If books are not picked up by August 12, a $100 fee will be charged.

Soph., Jr., and Sr. Sign Up for a Time Slot Here

NOTE:  If you will be out of town during book distribution, please contact the Bookstore to make alternative arrangements no later than Friday, July 30.

End of Year Book Return

Underclassmen books were due by Thursday, May 30Books that were not returned on time have been billed accordingly.

Students need to be accountable for their textbooks, and missing books will need to be paid for at the end of the school year.

Hours (unless otherwise noted):
Normal Hours: 8 am to 2 pm daily Monday-Friday
Football Home Games: 11:15 am to 2 pm
(also 1 hour prior to game)
Summer Hours:

Open during camps, starting June 11
(Tues, Weds, Thurs only)

Closed week of July 1, and July 22 - August 13.
Online orders can still be made and picked up at Front Office.

If you have any questions about End of the Year Book Return, Fall Book Distribution, or Spartan apparel, please contact the Bookstore at 

Please note: "De La Salle" and "DLS" are registered trademarks of De La Salle High School of Concord, Inc. The use, reproduction, copying, or redistribution of trademarks, without prior written permission of De La Salle High School of Concord, Inc., is prohibited. De La Salle does not authorize the sale of any De La Salle clothing or merchandise through any other website.

If you find any websites selling De La Salle merchandise, please notify us immediately.