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Spotlight on Campus Ministry

June 2019

It is impossible to please God if you do not live on friendly terms with others.” St John Baptist de La Salle

Congratulations 2019 Graduates!

We ended the school year with prayer services, celebrating our founder, the graduates, and the faculty and staff. In preparation of the 2019-2020 year, a group of young Lasallians will be participating in The Young Lasallians Assembly at St. Mary’s College at the end of June, in observance of the 300th anniversary of Saint John Baptist de La Salle’s passing into eternal life.

Retreats registrations are open. Click on the date to access registration page.

Registration deadline is one month before each retreat.
Click where indicated for the Kairos retreat of your choice
$180 Registration Fee; $50 to reserve a spot
Financial Aid Available

The Bishop's Ranch, Healdsburg
A four-day, three-night experience challenging seniors to integrate their faith into their relationships with God, others and themselves. Openness to discussing one’s life experiences in the context of faith is key to the success of this program; it is extremely important that ALL students are aware of this when they sign up. Kairos participation is not mandatory. Please have a discussion with your son before registering him.

Kairos retreats fill up fast, so take advantage of this early opportunity to guarantee yourself a spot.

The following dates are the best for winter sports participants (basketball, soccer, wrestling, rugby) and spring sports, especially baseball:
Kairos 122 (Monday-Thursday) - September 9-12, 2019 - Click here to register
Kairos 123 (Monday-Thursday) - September 23-26, 2019 - Click here to register
Kairos 124 (Tuesday-Friday) - October 22-25, 2019 - Click here to register

The following dates are the best for cross-country, track, water polo, swimming:
Kairos 125 (Thursday-Sunday) – January 16-19, 2020 - Click here to register
Kairos 126 (Tuesday-Friday) - January 28-31, 2020 - Click here to register

The following dates are the best for Fall sports participants:
Kairos 127 (Tuesday-Friday) - February 26-28, 2020 - Click here to register
Kairos 128 (Tuesday-Friday) - March 24-27, 2020 - Click here to register

*Refunds will not be given if cancellation is made 30 or less days before the retreat date.


Ven a Ver

Open to all grades:

Click on the link below to access all De La Salle High School retreats for the 2019-20 school year. 

click here to 2019-20 retreats

And don’t forget:
The 2019 Young Lasallian Assembly will be from June 23-28, in observance of the 300th anniversary of Saint John Baptist de La Salle’s passing into eternal life. Please contact Mr. Hassett in Campus Ministry as soon as possible because space is limited.


2018-19 Spotlight Archives

April 2019

As March came to an end, Campus Ministry held the last Kairos Retreat of the year, as 89% of the seniors participated this school year.

  • Registration for next year’s Kairos opens on May 1st. Early registration secures the best dates for the student-athletes.
  • The last group of sophomores will be going this week to the Tenderloin District of San Francisco to walk besides the poor and hungry.
  • The Charity Challenge (hoping to raise $11,037.82) ends on April 15, right before we celebrate the Lenten Prayer Service (4/16).
  • On April 30, we will dedicate a mass to our Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, especially on the occasion of his 300th Anniversary.

March 2019

“Fasting disarms us and is an opportunity for growth… It wakes us up and makes us more attentive to God and our neighbor.”  Pope Francis

Most of the sophomores will be walking alongside the poor, hungry and homeless in the Tenderloin District of SF this March.

  • On March 6, Ash Wednesday, DLS High School will come together to pray the beginning of the Lent Season, and we will be launching our annual Spartan Charity Challenge. The entire DLS community will be invited to raise at least $11,037.82 to support 5 charitable organizations (in Africa, Sri Lanka, India, and right here in our own backyard).
  • On March 18, a group of students will head to the San Diego border to see, experience, witness and learn the reality of the migrants who risk their lives, desperately seeking to come to the US.
  • On March 20, we hold our annual Reconciliation service when the entire school is invited to ask for reconciliation.
  • On March 26, a group of seniors and juniors will be heading to Healdsburg for the last Kairos retreat of the year.

February 2019

“Leave aside all your worry about the present and all your anxiety about the future; occupy yourselves with what you have to do at each moment as it is given to you, and do not burden the day which is passing with doubts about the day to follow.
-- John Baptist de La Salle

With 2019, we hit the ground running with two senior Kairos Retreats and one Junior Retreat. February is also packed with Campus Ministry activities.

  • The Sophomore Retreat was on February 1, where the students went to the Tenderloin district of San Francisco to serve people who are less fortunate than ourselves. Look for the emails we sent you.
  • On February 9-10, a group of moms and dads will participate with their son in a Parent/Son Retreat.
  • On February 26, another group of seniors will go on Kairos. The last Kairos retreat of the year will be Kairos 121, and there are a few spots still open. Do not wait!

Parent/Son Retreat | Junior Retreat | Kairos 120 | Kairos 121

January 2019

  • The Junior Retreat is Friday, January 11, 2019.
  • There are still openings for the Parent/Son Retreat on February 9-10. This retreat is for either mom, dad, or guardian and son. It is a wonderful opportunity to honestly evaluate, celebrate, strengthen, and deepen their parent/son relationship. It is open to students in all grade levels. We encourage all families to take advantage of this retreat experience. 
    Registration is required ($300 for both) and the deadline to sign up is Friday, January 11. 
    CLICK HERE to register. 
  • Kairos 118 is January 17-20 and Kairos 119 is January 22-25.

December 2018

Thanksgiving Prayer was led by De La Salle students and faculty, challenging us to live the Lasallian core principal of inclusive community. We gave thanks for God’s abundant grace, and prayed for all those affected by death, illness, and tragedies, especially the fires that ravaged Northern and Southern California. We also kicked off the Advent Toy Drive.

  • On December 12, we will celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe in style, to be led by the Hermanos Unidos Club, moderated by Ms. Esther Lopez.
  • We had to reschedule the Junior Retreat due to the unhealthy air quality from the fires. The new date will be Friday, January 11
  • Planning ahead, Kairos 118 Retreat (January 17-20) has 2 spots still open; Kairos 119 is full. Kairos 120 (February) and 121 (March) are filling up. Seniors, don’t wait!
  • There are still openings for the February 9-10 Parent/Son Retreat. This retreat is for either mom or dad and son. It is a wonderful opportunity to have great quality time together while you both evaluate and celebrate your relationship as parent and son. The registration deadline is Friday, January 11.


Our Toy Drive is on during Advent. All students are asked to buy a new non-violent toy for boys and girls and bring it to school unwrapped. Toys will benefit children living in poverty who would otherwise not have a Christmas. De La Salle students broken into the following age groups:

Freshmen 0 - 4 years
Sophomores 5 - 8 years
Juniors 9 - 11 years
Seniors 12 - 14 years

The agencies that benefit ask that toys be left unwrapped and not promote any kind of violent behavior. Mr. Eidson’s Frosh Religious Studies class and Lasallian Youth organize this wonderful event each Christmas season.

November 2018

October was a very busy month. Being the Most Holy Rosary month, there were lots of prayers for loved ones battling or having succumbed to cancer. We had 38 seniors who participated in a Kairos retreat, about 90 juniors participated in a junior retreat, and all the freshmen participated in a half-day retreat. 

Campus Ministry retreats build on the spirit of brotherhood, and of being men of faith, integrity and scholarship.

In October as well, 12 fathers and sons spent quality time together at the Valhombrosa retreat center, and seven De La Salle students went to Salinas as part of our Ven A Ver program to walk in the shoes of those who live in extreme poverty and homelessness, and to work alongside farmworkers who grow and harvest the food we eat. The juniors got to celebrate a Mass of Unity and receive rings or keychains that symbolize that unity and togetherness. And on October 28, many of our De La Salle students went to St. Anthony’s Dining Room to serve food to those in need. Phew! What a rich month that was.

We will enter November with an All Saints Mass (Nov. 1) to be followed by a couple more days of Junior Retreats. On the 15th of November, we will celebrate Thanksgiving in prayer together. 

Planning ahead?

  • The application deadline for the Ven a Ver immersions in San Diego and Los Angeles is November 9. The applications are available in the Campus Ministry office.
  • Parents can sign up for the Parent/Son retreat, that will take place in February.
  • Seniors can sign up to the Kairos 118, Kairos 120 or Kairos 121 retreats.

Parent/Son Retreat | Junior Retreat | Kairos 118 | Kairos 120 | Kairos 121

October 2018

"In the light of faith, you see things quite differently."
Saint John Baptist de La Salle 

Campus Ministry has been in full gear with liturgies and retreats. About 80 seniors have already participated in the Kairos retreat, and another 39 will be participating in the next one (Oct.22). There are five more Senior Kairos retreats this academic year.

  • All freshmen will participate in an on-campus retreat on Wednesday, October 10 (8:05 a.m.-12:00 p.m.). The retreat is a community-building experience that welcomes students to the Spartan brotherhood at De La Salle.

  • October is the Most Holy Rosary Month. Fathers and sons will be spending special time together during the Oct. 13-14 retreat at the Vallombrosa Center. CLICK HERE to register for the Father/Son Retreat. 

  • Seven De La Salle students will be participating in the Ven A Ver Immersion Program in Salinas, walking in the shoes of the poor and living a day in the life of a farm worker. The next two Ven A Ver will be in Los Angeles (Feb. 13-18) and in San Diego (March 18-23), with an application deadline of Nov. 9. 

  • On Sunday, October 21, we will celebrate the Mass of Unity with the Class of 2020 (the juniors). We will also have two Junior Retreats in October (18 & 19), please REGISTER HERE

May 2019

Thank you to the De La Salle community of students, faculty, and staff for raising over $10,500 during Lent as part of the Spartan Charity Challenge. This money will be of great help and support to children and their families in Africa, India, Sri Lanka, and Contra Costa County.

  • On April 30, we were joined by the Academy in the mass celebration of our Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, and the school’s commitment to educating the young.

  • As the academic year nears the end, we will celebrate our seniors with a student-only “Senior/Kairos Breakfast” on Monday, May 20, and a Baccalaureate Mass and Buffet dinner on Friday, May 24.

  • Registration is now open for the 2019-20 Kairos retreats, the Father/Son Retreat, and the Parent/Son Retreat. The retreats fill up fast, so get your spots now.

click here to 2019-20 retreats

And don’t forget:
The 2019 Young Lasallian Assembly will be from June 23-28, in observance of the 300th anniversary of Saint John Baptist de La Salle’s passing into eternal life. Please contact Mr. Hassett in Campus Ministry as soon as possible because space is limited.