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The College Counselors at De La Salle High School are committed to providing comprehensive information, guidance and support for students and their families in the college exploration, selection and admission process.

Our philosophy is that the primary role of the College Counselors is to support students in finding colleges that are a good “fit” for each individual student; that are a place where he will thrive both academically and socially; and that are a place where he will be challenged to grow in new ways that will prepare him for success after college. College Counselors stress the value of the college experience over name recognition and rankings. Students are therefore best served by keeping an open mind in the exploration process, by continually reflecting on what their own needs and preferences are, and by engaging actively in the process themselves. This includes investing their own time and energy in preparing academically, investigating options, visiting colleges and completing the steps in the application process.

Our College Counselors are experienced, well-trained, and student-centered. They provide a robust and comprehensive college counseling program.

  • Each year, Juniors and Seniors can attend presentations (on the DLS campus) from college and university representatives from nearly 150 schools.
  • Information and guidance on full range of post-high school options, including four-year colleges, community colleges, technical and vocational programs, gap year programs and other possibilities.
  • Our College Counselors are available to students, parents and guardians by phone, email, and family meetings.

Programming by Grade Level


  • Weekly mandatory College Advisory 7th period class
  • Individual meetings with every senior
  • Nuts & Bolts on completing College Applications (UC, CSU, Common App & Out of State) and supplemental material (letters of rec, essays, interviews, portfolios)
  • Financial Aid & Scholarship application process
  • Selecting a college and steps to enroll
  • Counselor letters of recommendation as requested


  • Small group presentations with juniors
  • Individual meetings with every junior
  • Importance of academic and non-academic admission factors
  • Preparing for the PSAT; then interpreting the scores
  • College Exploration & Research; Visiting Colleges
  • Taking SAT & ACT exams
  • Optional College Advisory for Juniors


  • Intro to College Counselors & College Counseling
  • Admission Factors/Making the most out of high school
  • Introduction and preparing for the Practice ACT
  • Interpretation of Practice ACT scores
  • Classroom Workshop intro to Naviance & complete “Do what you Are”, a personality assessment


Additional Information

Student and Parent College Information Nights

  • College Information for families of first-generation college bound students (also offered in Spanish)
  • Planning Ahead to Pay for College
  • Student-Athlete College Night
  • College Planning & Academic Night for Juniors
  • College Preview Night for Juniors
  • College Application Night for Parents of Seniors
  • College Financial Aid Night for Seniors

Online Resources

  • Full access to Naviance, an internet tool for college admissions, beginning in the sophomore year
  • College Counseling Googlesite
  • Schoology groups