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Daily Announcements

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Today’s Schedule; Last Underclassmen Final (4-5)
Summer Vacation!!!


Summer remediation enrollment begins on Monday, June 4th through Thursday, June 7th in the library from 9 am - 1 pm. Check out the Summer Academic webpage or contact Mr. Van Bomel for more information.

Return-Reuse-Recycle: Use the blue totters and in each wing on campus for recycling. Clear everything out of your lockers and return all your books to the OC. The ones that have a “Property of De La Salle” label on the back are the ones you need to return. Re-usable items – binders, locker racks, notebooks, etc. can also be returned to the OC.

Underclassmen Book return: Return your books to the OC today. No books will be accepted after June 1st. You will be billed for any books not returned including books left in your locker! If you are unsure what books you have outstanding, stop by the Bookstore and we will let you know.

Campus Ministry: Juniors: Are you registering for your Kairos? Sign up on the Campus Ministry web pages. Do so early and get the retreat you want. They fill up fast.

Student Activities:

Yearbook: The last day to pick up your yearbook is today after your last final. Go to the yearbook room at the end of the 400 wing. They open at 11:45P.


Baseball: The baseball team beat Heritage yesterday 10-0. They’ll play for the NCS Championship on Saturday, at St. Mary’s College.

Golf: Golf is competing in the CIF State championship at San Gabriel CC.

Use you’re DLS Athletics mobile app or go to the athletic team page on our website to find this week’s competitions.

Please check Schoology for additional notifications and messages.