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Dean's Office

The mission of the Dean’s Office is to promote and support the discipline codes of the school found in the Student-Parent Handbook. These rules foster respect between students and their peers and between students and faculty/staff members.

Deans at De La Salle are an integral part of the day-to-day operation of the school, helping students get to class on time, ensuring the smooth operation of events and activities on campus and keeping our school safe, secure and functioning in an efficient manner.

However, the Deans play another very important role; they are here to help every student feel safe while pursuing their education in an environment of mutual respect.

Mr. Joe Aliotti
Dean of Students
(925) 288-8116

Mr. Joe Aliotti

Mr. Bob Guelld
Assistant Dean of Students
(925) 288-8130

Mr. Bob Guelld

Attendance Office
(925) 288-8222