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Registrar's Office

Linda Byrne 2020-21

About the Registrar’s Office

This office is the repository for current and former De La Salle High School students’ educational records. The accuracy and security of your information is extremely important to De La Salle and additional identification may be required when requesting official documents. 

Mrs. Linda Byrne, Registrar
Email: byrnel@dlshs.org
Phone: 925-288-8109
Fax: 925-827-0220

Office Hours:
7:45 am-3:15 pm; Mon.-Fri.
(on-campus Mon. and Thurs. during COVID)

Summer Office Hours:
Effective June 7-July 23
Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. or by appointment

The registrar can help with the following items:

  • Official transcripts for current students and parents, as well as former students and alumni.  Please allow 5 business days for the request to be completed.
    • If you are a current student or parent and need an unofficial copy of your student’s transcripts you can stop by my office in the Student Services building at the bottom of the staircase (I am around the corner out of view) or request it at byrnel@dlshs.org. Please use the email address we have on file to request records.
    • Current seniors should use Naviance to requests transcripts for College Admissions or for scholarships.
    • Alumni can request a transcript using the Graduate/Alumni Transcript Request form.
  • Education Verification for employment, background checks or military service, please email or fax the request and include the student’s signed authorization to release his information (electronic signature is ok).
  • Social Security Enrollment Verification, please make an appointment via email to obtain signatures of original documents.
  • Intent to Work Permits for current students. The Intent to Employ document may be emailed to byrnel@dlshs.org but signatures on the official permit issued must be obtained in person by the student.  Work permits will no longer be issued on-line due to issues with student compliance.
  • Concurrent Enrollment applications can be obtained from the college in which you intend on enrolling. The special admission form must be signed by Ms. Lillian Dickson, Director of Academic Services at dicksonl@dlshs.org. Concurrent Enrollment is rare and is only for student who have already completed the highest level of coursework we offer and need credits for graduation requirements. Coursework must be selected in consultations with and approved by Ms. Dickson before enrolling. At the end of the term, you must submit to the registrar an official transcript directly from the school and your transcript will be adjusted.
  • Courses taken on-line for remediation (should be coordinated through Donald Van Bomel vanbomeld@dlshs.org) or enrichment will be added to a student’s De La Salle transcript upon receipt of an official transcript from the school where the class was taken.
  • If your student plans on playing college athletics, please fill out the Student-Athlete Transcript Release Form and return it to me giving me permission to email transcripts to coaches directly on your behalf. You may request me to send a coach a transcript either through Naviance or to byrnel@dlshs.org. Please also create a student account with the NCAA Eligibility Center. If you sign a letter of intent with a NAIA school, you will need to register as well. Transcripts will be sent after the next completed grading period by the registrar for all active accounts in the system.
  • Address and contact information change requests can be sent directly to byrnel@dlshs.org. For address changes please specify if the new address is the student’s primary residence.
  • Students cumulative files are managed by the Office of the Registrar. Updates of educational (IEP, 504) or Legal Documents that pertain to your child should be delivered personally to the registrar. For outside schools requesting Cumulative Files for a former student please request via email to byrnel@dlshs.org and include the students Date of Birth and full legal name.
  • A student directory of contact information is available to students and parents in Powerschool (not available in the app) under the School Bulletin Icon.