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Respect and Inclusivity

Each day, the students of De La Salle High School aspire to live the Lasallian Core Principles through their actions in the classroom, on the field, and in the community. De La Salle will continue its ongoing education surrounding important social issues that impact our students on a daily basis.

Our dedicated programming will continue to focus on how the De La Salle community should, and does, practice Respect for All Persons to create an Inclusive Community. Our themes of respect and inclusivity will serve as the foundation of our approach to educate our young men around the importance of respect for one another, bystander training, and much more.

This directive has produced a number of educational opportunities for the school, including its involvement with Dr. Jackson Katz, CEO of Mentors in Violence Prevention Strategies, and Ashanti Branch, founder of the Ever Forward Program.

Education for student leaders, faculty, staff, and administration will continue throughout the school year. Please return to this page for monthly updates to see how the De La Salle community is living: Respect for All Persons and promoting an Inclusive Community.

Respect and Inclusivity Blog

Students in Action Program

Powered by the Jefferson Award Foundation Students In Action program, De La Salle High School students continue to get out and serve the community. The Students In Action program was created to develop high school students into community leaders. The program promotes development through three pillars: Leadership, Engagement and Impact. Leadership develops current and future leadership potential within students, engagement promotes the value of service to grow volunteerism within the school community, and Impact measures how successful the volunteerism is and rewards students for their efforts.

Lasallian Core Principles

  • Respect for All Persons
  • Inclusive Community
  • Concern for the Poor and Social Justice
  • Faith in the Presence of God
  • Quality Education

Faculty/Staff Testimonial

Brooke Heskett Headshot

​​​​​Brooke Heskett
Asst. Librarian

Respect for all is a core tenet of librarianship and of my own personal beliefs.  Indeed, it is key to the success of our library and its role within the De La Salle community.  By modeling respect and inclusivity in the library, especially through our treatment of the students, we’re creating an environment where all are welcome.  We lay the groundwork and expectations for how students will treat each other, the space, and the faculty.  We are able to actively engage students in discussions about respect within a social context and guide them as they navigate the balancing between social and academic pursuits.