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The Student Coalition On Respectful Education (SCORE) is a program in its 15th year at De La Salle High School. It was created in response to the growing needs of students attempting to effectively navigate a culturally diverse environment. SCORE’s mission is to promote positive social relations within a diverse group of students and build a healthy environment at De La Salle, that consists of respectful and culturally sensitive interactions between students. SCORE works to broaden awareness of different forms of prejudice, teaches young students to identify problems caused by peer pressure, and introduces a multi-faceted approach to creative problem solving. Currently, SCORE is a central component of teaching and living out our Lasallian Core Principles of Respect for All People and Inclusive Community.

SCORE is comprised of 50 upper-class students who meet to intensely study and become familiar with the social issues of privilege, bias, discrimination, and polarization through role-playing, storytelling, group discussion, film, and structured exercises. They are placed in small teams of seven students that go into classrooms and teach the curriculum to ninth-grade students at De La Salle. The SCORE leaders teach the ninth-grade students to become familiar with common terms such as racism, prejudice, and stereotypes, and allow students to explore their own prejudices and stereotypes as they learn the dangers of acting on them.

While the main goal of the SCORE program is to create a more respectful and inclusive community, it also aims to develop leadership within the student body. Students involved in the program participate in team-building exercises where they learn to be effective collaborators. They develop skills and learn effective techniques to engage younger students in difficult conversations, and most importantly they learn the significance of modeling the behavior they teach in the community. Members of the SCORE program come away with not only a greater level of understanding of issues of social stratification, but the ability to speak in front of an audience, work as a team, and be effective role models within the community.

The SCORE program is moderated by Mr. Scott Drain, Director of Student Support Services.