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Testimonials Archive

Brooke Heskett – Library Assistant


Respect for all is a core tenet of librarianship and of my own personal beliefs.  Indeed, it is key to the success of our library and its role within the De La Salle community.  By modeling respect and inclusivity in the library, especially through our treatment of the students, we’re creating an environment where all are welcome.  We lay the groundwork and expectations for how students will treat each other, the space, and the faculty.  We are able to actively engage students in discussions about respect within a social context and guide them as they navigate the balancing between social and academic pursuits.

Jonathan Clark, Science Instructor, JV Wrestling Head Coach


As a De La Salle alumni who has returned as a classroom teacher, coach, class moderator, and Mentor in Violence Prevention, I strive to instill in my students the basic tenets of respect that I learned as a student. This begins with a foundation in compassion, where students are encouraged to understand and respect others’ rights, property, and values, regardless of personal opinions or beliefs. Whether in the classroom, on the field of play, or in the greater community, the faculty and staff at DLS go beyond casual discussion, engaging in a praxis designed to develop students’ respect for oneself, for others, and for our planet.”

Meredith Barnidge, Director of Theatre Arts

The De La Salle Theatre Company looks for ways to increase empathy, creative leadership and antidotes to the anxieties and disconnect felt by so many young people we spend time with each day.  As director, it is my hope that understanding can be gained when these kids get an early (high school) chance to confront scary questions about the world we live in and discover amazing new possibilities. This happens when we work together.

In the theatre, we create space to increase empathy by inviting our family of teachers, coaches and ministry leaders to be part of our inclusive theatre community. Our actors and crew members are also of the football team. They compete for water polo. They practice in the batting cage. They create in robotics. They tutor at the DLS Academy. They dunk, defend and volunteer.  The coaches partner with us; we strive to build a foundation of true community as a Spartan.

In my experience on this campus, the Spartan is not confined to being just an athlete, scholar, artist, etc.  A Spartan, and his brothers, can contribute to all things when surrounded by people who bring out the best in him.

Leo Lopoz, Vice President for Athletics


Having worked at De La Salle for close to 20 years, we continue to promote respect, integrity, and brotherhood in all our athletic programs. Respecting your teammates and working together instills camaraderie and builds life-long relationships. Successful programs at De La Salle include a lot of teamwork and building brotherhood. These characteristics help our students to be successful long after they graduate from De La Salle. 


Lasallian Core Principles

  • Respect for All Persons
  • Inclusive Community
  • Concern for the Poor and Social Justice
  • Faith in the Presence of God
  • Quality Education