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Respect Week

Respect Week Updates

Planning for the 2019 De La Salle High School Respect Week is underway.  Once the dates and activities for the 2019 Respect Week are completed, they will be posted to this page. 


Respect Week Archives

2018 Respect Week

DLS 2nd Annual Respect Week

February 2, 2018

It is with great enthusiasm that De La Salle announces our Second Annual Respect Week (February 12-16). Throughout the 2017-18 school year, the De La Salle community has focused on "Respect for All Persons." As a core Lasallian principle, this theme encourages us to "honor and respect the dignity of all individuals." Our focus is not limited to one week. From February 5-9, De La Salle continued to support Carondelet High School's RISE Week, which brought awareness to human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault, and more and culminated in their participation with One Billion Rising. De La Salle's Respect Week continues and complements that conversation. Our dedicated programming focuses on how the De La Salle community should and does practice Respect for All Persons.

This year, Respect Week will witness the expansion of De La Salle’s partnership with Mentors in Violence Prevention Strategies (M.V.P.) and its CEO, Dr. Jackson Katz. In March 2016, De La Salle began its work with M.V.P. as one chapter in a national movement. M.V.P. aims to build further awareness of the ways in which men can prevent assault and harassment. One of M.V.P.’s main strategies is that of bystander training where all are empowered to “confront abusive peers and support abused ones.” M.V.P. has worked with the Department of Defense, professional athletes, college students, and high schools throughout the country. De La Salle’s decision to expand the partnership with M.V.P. from a chapter to an institutional program is a just one way in which we further educate our young men to be men of faith, integrity, and scholarship.

Students will take part in a presentation from Mr. Ashanti Branch with the Ever Forward Club. Mr. Branch was here last year, and he will conduct two assemblies on February 15. Mr. Branch will be leading a "Taking Off the Mask" assembly for all 9th grade students (which all of our students took part in last year). Then, he will facilitate a more in-depth workshop for our students who experienced him last year. Mr. Branch will be conducting an interactive and discussion-based session looking at how masks prevent us from living out our goal of becoming men of integrity. We are excited for him to return and to continue this important conversation about masculinity, strength, expectations, and respect with all of our students.

Students and parents are then encouraged to come to a special presentation by Dr. Jackson Katz, where he will discuss how "Bystander Training Is Leadership Training." (De La Salle and Carondelet families are invited to attend.)

For more information about these two keynote speakers, read more about Dr. Jackson Katz and Ashanti Branch.

We encourage you to read more about the events taking part this week.

Respect Week Events

  • February 12-13 (Lunch): In partnership with the Contra Costa Alliance to End Abuse, students will be encouraged to take the “No More” pledge against interpersonal violence.
  • February 13-14 (Lunch): As part of the Ever Forward Club’s 100K Mask Challenge, students will be invited to examine the masks we wear that conceal our true selves.
  • February 14: Ash Wednesday Prayer Service
  • February 15 (Special Assembly): Mr. Ashanti Branch will conduct a keynote and workshop with students examining the masks of masculinity and challenging our young men to look at the role masks play in their own lives.
  • February 15 (7:00-9:00 p.m.): De La Salle and Carondelet High Schools are pleased to welcome Dr. Jackson Katz for a special presentation, entitled “Bystander Training is Leadership Training,” on the role our students can take as empowered bystanders and leaders in ending cycles of harassment and violence. All families and students are welcome. Please see this page for additional information about both speakers: Please RSVP for the event (below)!
  • February 16 (Professional Development Day- No Classes for Students)- Dr. Katz will conduct a professional development training for faculty, staff, and coaches at both CHS and DLS; this training will be the first in a series at De La Salle that will lead to Bystander training for students.
  • February 23: Our Respect Week Programming will extend into the following week to include our 10 th annual sponsoring of Day of Silence, which is a day for all people to recognize and support all those who are silence through harassment, bullying, put-downs, and mistreatment. This year’s theme is “Use Your Voice.”