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Respect Week

Respect Week

Welcome to De La Salle High School Respect Week 2019. The week of February 11-14, De La Salle will host its annual Respect Week, with the theme “Living with Dignity - Respect Yourself, Respect Others.”

The challenge for De La Salle students to look inward at the things that make you...you.

  • Who do you allow others to see you as?  Who are you really inside?
  • What are the boundaries and responsibilities that you carry - to yourself and to others?
  • How can you more fully become a Man of Integrity - what does that look like?

Building off the awareness raised during Mental Health Awareness Week (Jan. 22-Feb. 2), our campus will explore how cultivating a healthy sense of self can extend to how we interact with and treat others.

At lunch all this week, Mr. Michael Aquino will be available in the Quad to help students complete a mask card for the 100K Mask Challenge and distribute special Respect wristbands.

On Wednesday, selected classes will watch and discuss the film, The Bystander Moment.

On Thursday, we have two special assemblies:
Freshmen and sophomores will be in the gym with Mr. Ashanti Branch of the Ever Forward Club. Mr. Branch will host a pilot workshop with our students to explore the concept of personal boundaries and how the boundaries we create inform the way we show up in the world as men of integrity.

Also on Thursday, and for the juniors and seniors, representatives from the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office will host a presentation on our roles and responsibilities in combating sexual assault (Carondelet hosted the same presentation last week).

De La Salle’s Respect Week programming also leads into the school’s Day of Silence (February 22), which is a way to highlight the voice-lessness of those who are oppressed into silence by harassment and violence.


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