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Student Support Services


The Guidance Services Department is an essential and integral part of the De La Salle High School community. As such, the department shares in the traditions and philosophy of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in general, and in the vision and goals of De La Salle High School in particular.


The mission of the Guidance Services Department is supported by the following beliefs:

We believe that each person, as a child of God, possesses dignity and is worthy of respect and recognition, regardless of academic and physical needs, social, cultural, racial, ethnic, and socio-economic background, or sexual orientation.

We believe that each person inherently desires relationships with others in which stability and love can lead to mutual growth.

We believe that people can enrich each other's lives and personal competencies through sharing their unique perspectives and experiences with each other.

We believe that counseling is an effective means to help students to understand and clarify their intuitive sense of what is in their own best interests.

We believe that counselors are most effective in teaching people the lessons of understanding, acceptance, empathy, and love when those qualities are modeled in the behaviors of an available, dedicated, and professional staff of counselors who share a common vision of life and set of values.

Available Student Counseling Services
College Planning and Financial Aid Personal Development
Peer Relationships Career Decisions
Academic Difficulties Family Relationships
College Financial Aid Course Planning
Grief and Bereavement Addictive Behaviors

Students may see a counselor at any time. While counselors have been initially assigned to students alphabetically, each student is free to see any counselor of his choice.

All counseling is confidential. “Appointment Request Forms” are available in the hallway outside the counselors’ offices. Fill one out and leave it in the box on the counselor’s office door or just come by a counselor’s office between classes. Appointments are usually made for the same or next day.