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Academic & Personal Counseling

Mr. Drain counsels a student.
Students are assigned alphabetically to one of four academic/personal counselors and are called in throughout the year to check on academic progress, and at the request of parents, teachers or the deans.

Individual, parent and family meetings can be also conducted. Students may request a meeting with their counselor at any time by filling out a slip which is available in the counseling area.

Academic Review Board meetings occur after the quarter and semester grading periods. During these meetings, counselors advocate for their students whose grades are below a 2.00 GPA and appropriate remediation services are assigned which may include:

  • Mandatory 7th period tutorial class
  • Regular meetings with teachers
  • Study skills review

Confidentiality in personal counseling is maintained with four exceptions: the student is being abused; the student threatens harm to self; the student threatens harm to another; the student reports elder abuse. Personal problems which require psycho-pharmaceuticals or extensive therapy are referred to outside resources.

Student Support Services Staff

Mrs. Janet Appel

Titles: Co-Director of College Counseling, Surnames ending in L - Z, Primarily Juniors & Seniors
Phone Numbers:
School: 925-288-8128

Mr. Sean Bristol

Titles: Spartan Success & Special Needs Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity
Phone Numbers:
School: 925-288-8104

Mr. Scott Drain

Titles: Counselor for Students whose surname falls between E - K, Bishop Cummins Students, SCORE
Phone Numbers:
School: 925-288-8126

Ms. Esther Lopez

Titles: Co-Director of College Counseling, CSF, Hermanos Unidos
Phone Numbers:
School: 925-288-8103

Mr. Gregory MacArthur

Titles: Bishop John S. Cummins Scholarship Program Coordinator, Student Support Coordinator, Head JV Basketball Coach
Phone Numbers:
School: 925-288-8150

Mrs. Lindsay Melaas

Titles: Counselor for Students whose surname falls between R - Z, Fishing Club
Phone Numbers:
School: 925-288-8147

Jon Norfolk

Titles: Student Learning Center Coordinator, National Honor Society Moderator
Phone Numbers:
School: 925-288-8111

Mr. Cris Rosales

Titles: Counselor, Religious Studies Instructor, Horizon
Phone Numbers:
School: 925-288-8220

Ms. Lauren Stevens

Titles: Personal Counselor
Phone Numbers:
School: 925-288-8123