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Course Registration for 2022-23 Academic Year

Course Registration for the upcoming school year will take place throughout the month of February. All of the information students will need to complete the registration process for the 2022-23 school year can be found on this webpage. 

Please feel free to reach out to our School and College Counselors with questions.

Please complete the following prior to registering for your classes

  1. Review the Course Catalog
  2. Look at our online catalog for detailed descriptions of course offerings as well as very important grade requirements needed for classes.  You can also review the pre-requisities and expectations for the AP/Honors courses.
  3. Talk with your teachers about their recommendations for next year. If needed, schedule an appointment with your Counselor to discuss your options.

You were emailed a transcript and Course Request Worksheet from Mrs. Byrne on February 1st. Print the Course Request Worksheet and the transcript and use the form as a worksheet to choose your courses.  If you don't meet the requirements for a class, you will need to submit an Appeal Form.

Important Note: All advanced and AP classes you select will be verified with grades to confirm you meet the pre-requirements. You must select classes in which you meet the requirements.

Course Registration Resources