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Learning Needs

The Learning Needs Coordinator works with faculty, students and parents to help meet the various learning needs and academic challenges within the student body.

In addition to these duties, the Learning Needs Coordinator is responsible for coordinating services for our Spartan Success Program students and for students with documented learning disabilities.

Learning Needs Coordinator
Mr. Sean Bristol

(925) 288-8104

Learning Needs Services

  • Developing programs to provide academic support for students; especially the Spartan Success students
  • Coordinating services for students identified as having learning disabilities, including those who require classroom accommodations, learning aids (e.g., books on CD), or extended time on testing
  • Providing the descriptive Profile Sheet to teachers
  • Providing academic support to students identified as having learning disabilities
  • Fostering students’ social adjustment to high school and beyond through development of self-advocacy skills
  • Coordinating and administering classroom tests and standardized tests for students requiring accommodations