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Student Support Services Team

School Counselors
Each student is assigned a personal/academic counselor alphabetically according to his last name. Since we have an open-door policy, the student is free to see any counselor of his choice. Should a student wish to change counselors, he should discuss the change with the counselor of his choice. The counselor serves their students from the time they enter until the time they graduate from De La Salle.

Our personal/academic counselors usually meet with their students at least twice a year, sometimes more, depending on the needs of the students.  Sessions can be initiated by the student or counselor.  Topics can range from academic support to personal development, involvement in school activities to relationship issues.

Lauren Stevens HeadshotMrs. Lauren Stevens
Personal/Academic Counselor
(students with last names A-D)
Moderator of Bring Change to Mind


Cris Rosales Headshot

Mr. Cris Rosales '78
Personal/Academic Counselor
(students with last names L-Q)
Moderator of Horizon and SCORE

Scott Drain Headshot

Mr. Scott Drain '94
Personal/Academic Counselor
(students with last names E-K)
Director of Student Support Services
Religion teacher


Lindsay Melaas HeadshotMrs. Lindsay Melaas
Personal/Academic Counselor
(students with last names R-Z)
Co-Moderator of OnBoard!


College Counselors

During second semester of their sophomore year, students are also assigned a college advisor from the school's College Counseling Office. The college counselors will guide them through the standardized-testing, college research, application, and financial aid processes. The bulk of the interaction will be during second semester of junior year and first semester of senior year. The college counselors will also meet with students individually to get to know them and to offer guidance tailored to their specific needs. Students can connect with their college counselor at any time during their years at De La Salle.

Esther Lopez Headshot

Mrs. Esther López-Arias
Co-Director College Counseling
(students with last names A-K)
Moderator of Hermanos Unidos

Lisa Sciacca HeadshotMrs. Lisa Sciacca
Co-Director College Counseling
(students with last names L-Z)


Academic Support

The De La Salle Learning Center seeks to provide all students with a welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment to better promote intellectual exploration, to provide access to a variety of resources, and to have a dedicated team of staff and volunteers to offer support. 

This support includes helping students assess, identify, and advocate for their individual needs, while developing practical skills to carry with them as they enter college and participate in the global community following graduation. This is done through supervised homework study after school, testing for students who required extended time, and tutoring.

Sean Bristol Headshot

Mr. Sean Bristol '97
Spartan Success & Learning Needs Coordinator
Co-Coordinator for AP Testing
Moderator of Habitat for Humanity


Roberto Martinez HeadshotMr. Roberto Martinez
Bishop Cummins Program Coordinator

Terry Eidson HeadshotMr. Terry Eidson
Bishop Cummins Program Staff


Jon Norfolk Headshot

Mr. Jon Norfolk
Student Learning Center Coordinator
Co-Coordinator for AP Testing
National Honor Society Moderator