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California Scholarship Federation

The De La Salle Chapter #918 of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is part of the statewide organization. The main objective of this organization is to recognize aspiring, young citizens of California who possess outstanding standards in academic scholarship, community service, and citizenship. Membership is on a semester basis based on grades earned from the previous semester. Eligible students must apply each semester. The application is made available through Schoology post from CSF Moderator, Mrs. Byrne, a few weeks into each new semester. Once the application is available, students have two weeks to submit.

Seniors can obtain CSF Life Membership, also known as CSF Sealbearer, and receive recognition at graduation. Special recognition includes a CSF Sealbearer pin to be worn at the ceremony, a special designation on their diploma and transcript. To achieve CSF Sealbearer status, a student must be an eligible member for at least 4 semesters (10-12th grade), including at least one (1) semester with grades earned in 12th grade. For more information, visit the California Scholarship Federation website.

California Scholarship Federation Inc.,
De La Salle High School Chapter 918
Spring 2021 Membership

Congratulations to 228 Spartans who earned membership (10 - 12th graders) or associate membership (9th graders) for CSF Spring 2021!