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How to Start a Club

If you have classmates who have the same interests as you and want to start a new club, then follow the procedures below:

  1. Check the Club List (on the DLS website under the Students’ tab, Activities and Club page) to make sure that your new club does not fall under any other current club or organization. If Mr. Aquino and Ms. Ghammache see a connection with a club that already exists, then we will direct you to talk to the moderator and join that club.
  2. If your club does not fall under any existing club, then follow the procedures listed below in the section labeled Setting Up A New Club.
  3. Set up a meeting with Ms. Ghammache and bring in all of your information. Be ready to articulate your reason for forming the club. After your meeting, she will meet with Mr. Aquino to discuss your proposal.
  4. Ms. Ghammache will get back to you within a week with either an approval of your club or an explanation.
  5. If your club is approved, Ms. Ghammache will email a club form to your moderator to be filled out and returned electronically within 2 days.
  6. Once the form has been received by Ms. Ghammache, your club will become official and you may begin to hold meetings. Please check with Mr. Aquino on advertising tips and restrictions.
  7. All of the above must be in to Ms. Ghammache no later than two weeks before Club Fair. Anyone trying to start a new club after that date will be asked to wait until January of the current school year.

Setting up a New Club

  1. Find 8-10 students who are willing to join you in forming the club.
  2. Find a faculty member who is willing to moderate the club.
  3. Fill out the De La Salle Club Application, (typing a description of the club, including goals, activities, etc.), get it signed by the moderator, and submit it to Ms. Ghammace in the Student Life office.
  4. If the club is approved, come to an agreement as to when, where and how often the club will meet.