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De La Salle High School



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Code of Conduct Toward Students

All School business should be conducted in a manner that reflects the highest standards of personal conduct, Catholic morals, and professional ethics in the performance of responsibilities as an employee.

Guidelines With Regard to Adults with Minors

These guidelines have been developed to protect our students and adults and are in conjunction with the Diocese of Oakland.

  1. Any and all involvement with minors is to be approached from the premise that minors should always be viewed, whether in a social or educational situation, as restricted individuals; that is, they are not independent. Wherever they are and whatever they do is to be with the explicit knowledge and consent of their parents or guardians. They are subject to specific civil laws in the State of California, which may prohibit certain activities. They are not adults and are not permitted unfettered decisions.
  2. Adults should avoid situations which place them in a position to be alone with a minor in the classroom or other closed room on school premises.
  3. In meeting and/or instruction situations involving a minor, the presence or proximity of another adult is encouraged. However, in those situations where the presence of another adult is not usual or practical, another adult should be informed that the meeting will be taking place. The meeting place should be accessible and visible, with the door where the meeting is taking place left ajar unless there is a clear window built into the door.
  4. With rare exception, employees are not to drive individual students. There must be at least another student or adult in the vehicle unless prior notification and approval has been received. Larger groups must have a reasonable number of chaperones accompanying students. Overnight trips of any kind must have a minimum of two (2) adult chaperones, at least one (1) of whom should be of the same sex as the young people.
  5. Adults should avoid being the only adult in a bathroom, shower room, locker room or other dressing areas whenever minors are using such facilities.
  6. Careful boundaries concerning physical contact with a minor must be observed at all times and (beyond a handshake) should only occur under public circumstances. Prudent discretion and respect must be shown before touching another person in any way.
  7. Any deviation from the above requires prior approval from the President after consultation with the appropriate President’s Cabinet member.
  8. Clear violations of these standards, as well as any sexual misconduct should be reported immediately to the President.