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Bishop Cummins Scholarship Program

There are many families who want a Lasallian, Catholic college-preparatory education for their sons but whose financial resources are severely limited. To help ensure that such education remains accessible to all those who need it, every school that is sponsored by the Christian Brothers in the western region is mandated to draw at least 5 percent of their students from families that have an income at or below 185 percent of the federal poverty level.


The Bishop John S. Cummins Scholarship Program is our answer to ensure that students from diverse social, cultural, and economic backgrounds have the opportunity to experience educational excellence. The Bishop Cummins Scholarship Program provides significant tuition assistance, additional financial support for many incidentals, as well as a challenging and supportive learning environment.

Bishop Cummins Scholars are offered the opportunity to succeed and are taught the skills and habits that make academic success possible.

By working with our generous community of donors and benefactors, we hope to ensure that the Bishop Cummins Scholarship Program remains strong and sustainable. Every dollar that is raised for the Bishop Cummins Program frees up other financial assistance dollars for families with less severe levels of need.

Admission to this program is by invitation only.

The former Bishop of the Oakland diocese, John S. Cummins has always actively promoted and enthusiastically supported Catholic education, especially for the poor and marginalized. Through his 26 years of service, he worked tirelessly to establish programs for the poor and at-risk students. As an affiliated member of the Christian Brothers, Bishop Cummins shares fully in the mission and traditions of a Lasallian education.

Donate Today

To donate to our Bishop Cummins Scholarship Program, simply choose your amount, and then select Annual Fund as the Gift Designation. 

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