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Our partnership with parents is vital to the educational experience of every student. Because the cost to educate each student exceeds the amount we receive in tuition, parental giving to the Annual Fund through our Parent Pledge Program provides the resources needed to offer the full De La Salle experience.

We encourage all families to maintain the tradition of supporting our school by making a tax-deductible, four-year pledge on behalf of each of their students currently attending the school. Every year, funds raised through the Parent Pledge Program enable us to enrich the lives of our students by expanding our financial aid program, upgrading educational tools and technologies in the classroom, and continuing to evolve our co-curricular programming while keeping tuition increases at a minimum.

Parent Pledge Program support has been generously received throughout the years in all amounts and is gratefully accepted and appreciated by our school and our students.

Scroll to read more about how your pledge will benefit your son (and all students) over the course of his four years at De La Salle or to make a donation.

1965 Club

A sub-set of our Parent Pledge Program is our 1965 Club. This is reserved for all families who donate $1,965 on an annual basis. Leadership Giving at De La Salle makes the remarkable achievements of our school possible and ensures that students are given every opportunity to succeed in the classroom. Membership is given to those families who commit gifts of $1,965 or more annually and is recognized based on annual giving to De La Salle from July 1 - June 30 each year.

Each family that contributes at this level is invited to our annual 1965 Club reception in the fall. Gifts can be combined with corporate matches for inclusion in the highest annual recognition society.

Parent Pledge FAQs