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Students participating in Ven A Ver

Immersion Programs

Our students are offered many ways to practice the Lasallian core principle of service and concern for the poor. All of our juniors participate in an immersion program called Faith, Service, and Community (F.S.C); a one-day experience that has them walking in the shoes of the poor and marginalized in San Francisco. 

Juniors and seniors also have the opportunity to participate in our Ven A Ver immersion programs which find their foundation in the rich tradition of Catholic Social Teaching and the Old Testament. These immersions take place throughout the United States and offer students a multi-day experience where they learn about, and serve, communities that are on the margins. 

It killed me that we didn’t have enough lunches to share with the day laborers. But seeing Matt run to the grocery store to buy more lunches with his own money made clear to me the space that Ven A Ver creates in our hearts.

One of the most important graduation outcomes at De La Salle High School is that our students will graduate “Men of Faith who pray and integrate Gospel Values and serve others, especially the poor and marginalized.”  Ven A Ver is designed to help our young men achieve this outcome by broadening their worldview and lived experience, as well as by deepening their faith in God, others, and themselves. This challenging opportunity to “walk in the shoes of the poor” radically changes perspectives and stereotypes, moving participants to value all people regardless of their station in life.

The mission of Ven A Ver Immersion is Scripture-based. In Micah 6:8 God makes very clear what he expects of us – “Act Justly, Love Tenderly, and Walk Humbly with your God.”  In Matthew Chapter 25:31-46 Jesus tells his disciples “I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me water, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”  During Ven A Ver, we feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, and welcome the stranger - all from a place of being Just (which means serving the common good), Loving our Neighbor (by endeavoring to understand the plight of our homeless, and migrant brothers and sisters), and being Humble in the presence of God (experienced in the poor, the homeless, and the voiceless).

To participate in this program, our students must complete an application and sit for an interview. We also consult teachers and other staff members to evaluate the maturity and readiness of each applicant.

The following personal qualities are what we are looking for in prospective candidates:

  • Students must be a junior or a senior, and be in good academic standing in all of their classes.
  • Students must display a strong sense of responsibility (i.e. on time for meetings and committed to meeting deadlines).
  • Students must be sincere in their motivation, readiness, and maturity.
  • Students must have background and experience that demonstrates that they are prepared for Ven A Ver.
  • Students must be open about the role that their faith plays in their choice to apply.

Please Note: Everyone who applies for Ven A Ver Salinas will be interviewed and given serious consideration. Each application is subject to review and approval. If accepted, the program costs $300, and this will be invoiced one month prior to the trip. Financial Aid is available upon request.

Teachers are required to give one full day for every day of school missed so that students can make up any work that they missed.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact our Campus Ministry Office: (925) 288-8185