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St. Anthony's Junior Immersion

Retreat Experiences

Our Campus Ministry department offers a number of retreat opportunities at all grade levels. The freshmen and sophomore retreats, as well as the Junior Immersion Program, are integrated into our Religious Studies curriculum. Whereas our Senior Kairos, Father/Son and Parent/Son retreats are optional and require online registration and fees. 


Open to all Grades
February 10-11, 2024
Vallombrosa Retreat Center, Menlo Park
(Registration required).

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Open to all Grades
October 14-15, 2023
Vallombrosa Retreat Center, Menlo Park
(Registration required).

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Freshman Retreat

Our Freshman Retreat is a half-day, community-building experience that welcomes students to the Spartan Brotherhood at De La Salle. The retreat will take place on October 11, 2023.

Sophomore Retreat

This one-day retreat (Metanoia), is grounded in our ISO to produce a Man of Integrity. Metanoia is a Greek term used to describe a change of heart, mind, or way of living. Sophomores will identify how they can embrace "social and personal responsibility" in their life. 

Junior Retreat

All of our juniors participate in an immersion program called Faith, Service, and Community (F.S.C); a one-day experience that has them walking in the shoes of the poor and marginalized in San Francisco. 

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Students at a Kairos retreat

Kairos is a 3-day, 2-night experience that challenges our young men to integrate their faith into their relationship with God, others, and themselves. Openness to discussing one’s life experiences in the context of faith is key to the success of this program and it is extremely important that ALL students are aware of this when they sign up. Kairos participation is not mandatory. Please have a discussion with your son before registering him.

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