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Spartan Store

Spartan Store Hours

Normal Hours : Mon - Fri 8am - 2pm

10/15 - Open at 11 am - 9 pm - for the FOOTBALL GAME


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We are your official source for all things De La Salle. Come visit us on campus or online at www.DLSBookstore.org.

We have De La Salle apparel and accessories for all sizes and ages in a variety of colors and styles.

Click here to browse our catalog and order online. You can have your purchases shipped anywhere in the world are available for pickup at our on-campus location. 

Do your Spartan shopping with us! We are online now to serve you.


Click Here to Shop Online: www.DLSBookstore.org

We can ship anywhere or you can pick up at the store

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If you find any website selling such merchandise, please notify us immediately.

Thank you!