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Students at the Welcome Back Rally

Student Life

If you talk with students, parents, or alumni about what makes De La Salle so special, you will often hear the term Spartan Brotherhood. This concept of Brotherhood rests on the idea that we are an inclusive community that works together to achieve shared goals. 

Our students have a deep sense of pride in helping and supporting each other. It is something that is echoed across peer-to-peer interactions; whether these are in the classroom, on a sports field, during lunchtime intramural events, at school rallies, or as part of club activities. 

In fact, all our co-curricular programs are specifically designed to promote the physical and social development of our students. They provide opportunities for leadership and service, as well as the cultivation of interests and talents. Together, students build a commitment to others while learning to be respectful of differences and striving to become well-rounded.

Additionally, our students are encouraged to use their gifts beyond the immediate De La Salle family, especially for those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged. Students are challenged to “Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve” and to have a deep sense of responsibility for humanity’s future. Through this shared connection, students find support, love, and care, whether via a group project, retreat, community service, or athletic competition.

Put simply, some of the best memories of our school come from the many student activities that take place here daily. We hope you will explore these pages to see just how vibrant and strong our Spartan community is. 


Spencer Shively
Mr. Spencer Shively

Vice President for Mission and Student Life
(925) 288-8193

Jennifer Stein
Mrs. Jennifer Stein

Director of Student Activities
(925) 288-8154

Reiley_Michelle Headshot
Michelle Reilly

Student Life Assistant
(925) 288-8222