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Admissions Ambassadors

Students in our courtyard

Our Admissions Ambassadors are a vital cornerstone of campus leadership. These exceptional individuals hold a pivotal role in shaping the first impressions of prospective students and their families. As the friendly faces that warmly welcome our visitors, Ambassadors play a crucial role in guiding our Spartan for a Day tours , which offer an immersive shadowing experience for 8th graders and transfer students. During the fall season, they take charge of these tours, ensuring that every prospective student gains a firsthand glimpse into the life of a Spartan.

However, the role of an Admissions Ambassador extends far beyond campus tours. These distinguished leaders also step into the spotlight as guest presenters at local middle schools, showcasing the unique opportunities and vibrant community that define our school. They foster meaningful connections and share valuable insights, as well as spearhead engaging panel discussions and dynamic conversations that shed light on life as a student in our community.

Lastly, our ambassadors also influence through the virtual realm. They contribute thought-provoking content for our “Musings and Shorts from the Inner Court” blog, offering a behind-the-scenes perspective that captures the essence of student life.

We extend an open invitation to all students to seize the opportunity to become a De La Salle Admissions Ambassador and contribute to our school’s legacy while honing leadership skills that will resonate far beyond graduation.