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Freshmen students listening to SCORE leaders


The Student Coalition on Respectful Education (SCORE) program has been at De La Salle for 19 years. SCORE’s mission is to promote positive social relations within a diverse group of students and build a healthy environment at De La Salle, that consists of respectful and culturally sensitive interactions between students.

SCORE works to broaden awareness of different forms of prejudice, teaches young students to identify problems caused by peer pressure, and introduces a multi-faceted approach to creative problem-solving. SCORE is a central component to teaching and living out our Lasallian Core Principles of Respect for All People and an Inclusive Community.

SCORE is currently comprised of 30+ upper-class students who meet to intensely study and become familiar with the social issues of prejudice, discrimination, and polarization through role-playing, storytelling, group discussion, film, and structured exercises. These student leaders are placed in small teams to go and teach the curriculum to 9th-grade students during their religion classes.

While the main goal of the SCORE program is to create a more respectful and inclusive community, it also aims to develop leadership within the student body. Students involved in the program participate in team-building exercises where they learn to be effective collaborators. They develop skills and learn effective techniques to engage younger students in difficult conversations, and most importantly they learn the significance of modeling the behavior they teach in the community. Members of the SCORE program come away with a greater understanding of issues of social stratification and the ability to speak in front of an audience, work as a team, and be effective role models within the community.

The SCORE program is moderated by Mr. Scott Drain, Director of Student Support Services.

2022-23 Leaders

Note: Recruiting for 2023-24 group members will start in October. The list below reflects last year's leaders. Sam Kovakovich and Kinan Zuniga have been chosen to serve as Co-Directors for 2023-24.

Daniel Berkes '23 Brandon Betz '24 Will Byers '24  
Ben Castillo '24 Darrell Cenido '24 Earl Chan '24  
Adonis Cole '24 Daniel Crossett '25 Isaiah Daco '24  
Matthew Fillari '24 James Fleishman '24 Luca Fontana '25  
Zach Gile '24 Thomas Giovanola '25 Kingston Happee '24  
Faris Khandaqji '23 Darell Kimbrell '24 Sam Kovacovich '24  
Krishna Marichetty '23 Anthony Metcalf '24 Vince Pelosi '23  
Hudson Rapela '25 Shep Romary '23 Michael Rudden '24  
Baz Tannous '23 Chukwunonso Udeh '23 Ty Ward '24  
Noah Wilson '25 Kinan Zuniga '24