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De La Salle High School



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Students playing cornhole

Student Activities

Winton Drive is always buzzing with activity. On any given day, you may find one of our intramurals happening in the Quad or on Owen Owens field, students gathering over shared interests at break or during club meetings, fun dress-up days, or even an impromptu band performance during lunch. Theatre Company students might be rehearsing for their next production, or a school-wide rally might be taking place in the gym. On occasion, you may even see students participating in beloved annual activities like the Rubber Duck Race or coming together for our Club and Community Fair. 

Outside of school, you will always find one of our athletic programs honing their skills. Then there is Friday Lights, where our student cheering section makes their presence known. 

Bottom line, students are at the heart of all we do, and it is their interests and passions that bring life to our school campus.  

Students playing 3 on 3 Basketball
Students participating in a dodgeball competition
Student spinning the Kindness Wheel
Students participating in Niners Day
Homecoming court
Students at a joint rally with Carondelet
Students petting a therapy dog
Students participating in the annual Boat Race
Students on Halloween
A student band performing during lunch
Game of Games eating contest
Students competing in quad hockey
Students at Senior Ball
Students playing spike ball
Students holding up the student newspaper
Students doing an egg drop experiment
Students celebrating May 4th
Student introducing water balloon dodgeball
Students participating in Pi Day game