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Students promoting social entrepreneurship club

Clubs are an integral part of life at our school.  They are yet another way that our students build community on campus. For new students, they represent an opportunity to meet people who share a common interest. However, they are also a great channel for peer-to-peer engagement, regardless of grade. Equally important, they are student-driven and student-led.

Clubs may be academically oriented, like Robotics, based on affinity groups, or simply a reason for students with similar interests to get together for mutual learning and fun. Anyone can start a club and most clubs are formed at the beginning of every school year in time for our Club and Community Fair. 

All of our club's have an adult advisor who, in a moderator capacity, helps the club's vision come to life by collaborating and supporting the student leaders. Meetings can range from coming together in community on campus, to exploring areas and activities off campus, or providing service to the community. 

By their very nature, clubs come and go from DLS based on student interest. Right now, we have 55 clubs happening at our school. If you would like to know more, or if you are a student who would like to start a club of your own, please contact Mrs. Stein

Open House Poster by Mrs. Stein