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12th Man Hanging leading the cheering section at a football game

Friday Night Lights

While all of our home sports games are popular with our student spectators, it is the student section during football season that sets the tone for the rest of the school year. Friday Night Lights is a beloved activity that our students look forward to each week, starting late August. Called the Bounce House, the student section is a protected space for De La Salle and Carondelet students only. Access is granted through student ID's and demand is so high that space can fill up quickly for popular games.

Situated in the end zone, the Bounce House is led by our 12th Man leadership team, whose job is to harness school spirit by bringing on the hype and providing an interactive experience. Expect to see students dressed in fun themes, shining their phone flashlights, and singing popular songs on mass.

Also present for Friday Night Lights is our Marching Band, who not only performs at half time but also lends their own flavor to the Bounce House. And, if you stick around until the end of the game, you can expect to see the band do a fun march into the Quad as families are leaving. 

Friday Night Football Student Section Policy

Students must bring their physical student ID card to the game. The DLS/CHS student ID card gets you into the game for free. No ID means you have to pay. 

Students must be wearing a wristband to get into the student section. Once 1000 wristbands are given out, the student section is full. We have strict safety rules around our capacity and will not exceed our limit. Students can always watch the game from other sections. Wristbands that appear to have been cut, stretched out, or altered in any way will not be permitted. Sharing wristbands may result in removal from the game and additional consequences. If you do not get a wristband at lunch you may obtain one when you check into the student section 30 minutes before kick-off, availability withstanding.

We will limit the number of students allowed to stand against the barricades. Seniors will have first priority and hand stamps will be given for the front line. If the front line gets too crowded, or if students start standing or pushing on the gates, students will be removed from the front line.