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Quad Hockey Championship


Intramurals at De La Salle are not only fun but also another way that students put into play their leadership skills. Through friendly lunchtime sports competitions, our students are able to find community, solidify friendships, build their teamwork prowess, and simply get out and move. They offer the perfect blend of exercise and recreation; all within a structured environment. 

Intramurals happen throughout the school year and are typically chosen and run by our various Class Councils and leadership students. While activities change from one given year to the next, based on student interest, several intramurals have been staples at our school for many years.

Flag Football

We typically kick off every school year with Freshman Flag Football. Teams are formed from 5th period classes, and multiple games are held throughout the fall using a bracket system. The final two teams compete in a Superbowl and the winners receive a ring at an awards ceremony. 

3 v 3 Basketball

During winter, students across all grades can join 3 on 3 basketball. Our freshmen and sophomores compete in one bracket and our juniors and seniors compete in a separate bracket. Three games are played during lunch on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and many of our students come out to watch. The final game is always a big crowd-pleaser.   

Quad Hockey

Quad Hockey has been a part of our campus for the last 20 years. In the spring,  sophomores, juniors, and seniors take part in the championship of all championships. Even our faculty join in the fun - including former alumni looking to relive their glory days. The season kicks off with an opening ceremony and closes with playoffs and a quad-packed final game, complete with student referees and commentators. 


New last year, students took advantage of 12 cornhole sets that were made in our Engineering, Architecture, Drafting, and Design (EADD) class. The first tournament was held in the fall and the second in spring. We anticipate that this will become another much-beloved annual intramural for our school.

Other Intramurals

The Freshman Class Council plans other intramural activities throughout the year. In the 2022-23 school year, this included a Dodgeball and Whiffle Ball competition.  

Once the weather gets nice in the spring, you will often find students out on the Owen Owens field playing Spike Ball. And, in the 2022-23 school year, our Spike Ball club joined forces with our Leadership Class to host a tournament.