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Alumni Association

Mission Statement

The De La Salle Alumni Association serves the entire De La Salle family by deepening alumni engagement in the life of the School. We are committed to Catholic Lasallian Tradition, Brotherhood, and our Association to ensure the vitality and future success of our School.

Program Goals

Goal 1 -- The DLS Alumni Association will enhance existing alumni program activities, focusing on improving participation by 5% annually.

Goal 2 -- The DLS Alumni Association will develop new events and activities that focus on alumni “Friend-raising” and opportunities to re-engage alumni with the School.

Goal 3 -- The DLS Alumni Association will increase participation in the Annual Fund by 2% annually, toward a goal of achieving an alumni giving percentage of 10% by the end of FY21.

Goal 4 -- The Director of Alumni Relations, in service to the DLS Alumni Association, will improve communication with and among alumni.

Goal 5 -- The Director of Alumni Relations, in service to the DLS Alumni Association, will increase the visibility of the Alumni Association and its goals in DLS campus life.

Get Involved

You don't need to be a board member to get involved with any of our alumni committees—your support is always welcome.

Executive Committee: Responsible for the strategic management of the Alumni Board.

Alumni Honors and Recognition Committee: Responsible for supporting programs that promote the personal, professional and service successes of our De La Salle alumni.

Reunions Committee: Responsible for supporting Class Year and Affinity Group Reunions and supporting Reunion Class Gift Campaign solicitations.

Outreach Committee: Responsible for supporting the planning and execution programs and events that increase De La Salle alumni contact with the institution.

Young Alumni Committee: Responsible for the planning and execution of programs targeted to keep Young Alumni connected with De La Salle.

Advancement Committee: Responsible for supporting efforts to increase Alumni giving and philanthropic support of De La Salle High School.

Alumni Board of Directors

John Bellusa '93
Derek Fahlman '04
Charles Favroth '00
Rich McNell '03
Dan Pease '02
Josh Quintero '98 (President)
Dr. Michael Rubino '94
Ian Tongol '02

Tim Roberts '88
Director of Alumni Relations
(925) 288-8171

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